back to article Aussie court denies bail to accused hacker 'Evil' Cecil

Australian hacking cause célèbre, David Noel Cecil, who goes by the nickname of "Evil", remains behind bars after being formally refused bail yesterday at Cowra Local Court. Cecil, an unemployed truck driver, was arrested by police last week and charged with 49 counts of accessing restricted data while unlawfully gaining …


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  1. Peter Murphy

    Good work, Justice Dare - but is 'If only he'd turned his mind to good' a real quote?

    All the Google results for "If only... " point to the same pronouncement.

    I think the good Judge is misremembering his Get Smart episodes, where Max would say at the end "If only he'd used his [music | baton | computer skills | etc.] for niceness instead of evil."

    In other words, Judge Dare missed it by THAT much.

  2. Pac_Man_60

    "Turned his skills to good" - bet he tried and failed

    With the current state of the economy and the IT industry it wouldn't surprise me if he had applied for multiple jobs and never even got a reply due to lack of experience.

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