back to article Cops arrest man over phone-hacking, police corruption claims

Scotland Yard officers investigating phone-hacking and police corruption claims at News International arrested a 71-year-old man this morning. "At 10:50hrs on Tuesday, 2 August, officers from Operation Weeting together with officers from Operation Elveden arrested a man on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications, …


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Arrested by appointment

I still find it funny when you have the news stories about people having an appointment at the Police station, whereupon they get arrested.

Whilst it is nothing like as dramatic as "Metropolitan Police storm Coulson's house, Coulson arrested after Taser discharge", it certainly feels a lot more British!

The only thing missing to make it the ultimate British experience is if it were a mass arrest, and you had five suspects all in the waiting room in an orderly queue waiting for their turn to be arrested.


Anonymous Coward

The only thing British about it.

Is the fact that some people get special treatment while the average person gets their door kicked in at 3am.

Not having a legal system that treats everyone equally is hardly something to be proud of.


Outlook Meeting Request?


Subject: your arrest

Location: Nearest police station

Start time: 15:30

All day event: Yes

Show time as: Out of Office

Response Options: Accept only

Read Receipt Requested: Yes


at "The only thing British about it."

Or possibly some people are more trusted to turn up to be arrested and help with the enquiries. Some people would do a runner and therefore need to be raided.



The illogicality is that when you are arrested by appointment you are then taken to a magistrate's court where you are bailed and your passport is confiscated. If you will flee the country, go as soon as you are invited to arrest.

Silver badge

Yes, it sounds so civilized, doesn't it?

police: Hello, is this the Thropton Slasher?

slasher: I can neither confirm or deny that on advice from my lawyer.

police: But you are Harry Reamer, am I correct?

slasher: Yes, that's true.

police: Ah good. We have a warrant for your arrest and wonder what time it would be convenient to serve it?

slasher: Well... I'm at work just now, and I'll be mu... er, pursuing hobbies until late tonight. How does tomorrow about 8 am sound?

police: Oh dear, that is an inconvenience, we really need to serve this as soon as possible.

slasher: I see. Well, if you don't mind the hours, I will be back at my flat by 1 am tonight.

police: Fine, fine, no problem there, the night shift can handle it. So 1 am at 750 Dallmer Lane then?

slasher: That will be fine, sorry for the bother.

police: Oh, no bother at all! Just one more thing... will you be coming quietly, or will you be putting up a fuss?

slasher: Well... My neighbors do appreciate a good show, so if you don't mind, I'd like to make quite a row of it, if possible.

police: Excellent! So should we notify the press then?

slasher: Oh yes please! And thank you!

police No, no, Thank you! Good day.

slasher Good day to you too, bye.


Legal question...

Is it considered illegal boobytrapping to mount bamboo shoots on YOUR INSIDE side of the door? Or, to mount ballistic plating to line the doors and windows and flooring? Yeh, the house might become a tinderbox if smoke and tear gas shells shot in start igniting thnigs...

But, who'd this armor be intended to to stop? All kinds of people trying to get in...


Outlook 2000?

It looks like you're tyring to resist arrest.

Can I help?

- Review PACE

- Load escape routes in AutoRoute/MapPoint

- Change into a lockpick for cuffs


@bitmap animal

The point is not so much the appointment, but having your doors kicked in when a simple ring of the doorbell would be sufficient.

Of course kicking in the door means that if you're found guilty, you'll be left with a nice big bill for repair of your property as well as all your neighbours knowing that you're a "wrong 'un", so really it's just a piece of pre-emptive retaliation by our wonderful Police.


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Big Brother

Who is 71 years old?

Not Murdoch, he is 80.

So who would be that old? Born 1939 or 1940?

Probably too old to still be working, so we may be looking at a retired worker at NI or even NOTW. Someone high up in either organisation possibly?

Ohhh let me think.

(Ok Ok I do know, but i am probably not allowed to reveal his name for some odd legal reason. )


Latest news

Headline from Guardian website (so it must be legally allowed to name him)

Phone-hacking scandal: Stuart Kuttner is latest NoW exec to be arrestedFormer managing editor and one-time public face of the News of the World taken into custody.


71 is not too old to be working

One of our customers owns and runs an import/export business in Melbourne. He's 76 this year and still got plenty of go in him yet. He maintains that the day he stops working is the day he drops dead. And if, for him, the alternative is a retirement home aka "God's waiting room", then good bloody luck to him.

With most people these days living into their 90s, and the Australian government if not others on track to raise the retirement age to 67 and then to 70 within the next 25 years, it's no longer unusual to see people working past their allotted threescore and ten.

Big Brother


"on suspicion of corruption allegations" What? They suspect that someone has alleged corruption, and this is a reasonable grounds for arrest?

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