back to article Amazon cloud hosts nasty banking trojan

Amazon's cloud storage service has been caught hosting services used to control the notorious SpyEye banking trojan, researchers said. Data compiled by antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab over a 11-day period in July showed Amazon's Simple Storage Service being used regularly to host SpyEye command and control channels. The botnet …


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this is why

we can't have anything nice. Fuck the cloud.


I would rather say...

Fsck the abusers.

You, probably, know that almost anything and everything has two sides - it is about what side people are willing to exploit.

Nuclear power springs to my mind: you can either build power stations or (with the same success) you can build bombs... :-(

Black Helicopters

Deja vu...

... much?


This is no suprise

Many webmaster have seen all sorts of bad traffic originating from the amazonws for several years.

Search for " plays host to wide variety of bad bots" to show a thread that has been going since 2009 on the topic.


Canada is targetted? How?

I can't do anything with my Canadian bank account?

I don't see a button to Wire funds. I believe you need to go in person to the branch to wire funds.

Interac Email transfer has a limit of $1,000 and you would still need another Canadian bank account.

I can make payments for bills (Internet and Electricity) etc, but they would need to set up an account with another Canadian Financial institution in order to accept payments for bills; and I am sure there are verifications steps required for that.

In fact the above 2 methods are the only way I know of that money can go away online from your bank account.

I am confused.

How do they expect to money out of a Canadian Bank account?

I am sure the above are the same for banks in other countries also?

So I am confused how they are able to empty peoples bank accounts.



So will amazon be held liable? We are held liable for what our companies do.

Im assuming much like how they don't pay taxes there will be no investigation into amazon.

What's important is we keep wikileaks and other such sites off amazon.

banking trojans, malware, all welcome.

We even accept visa, mastercard, and paypal!

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