back to article Novell's Vibe Cloud floats away

After floating it around the market for only three months, Novell has decided to evaporate its Vibe Cloud web-based "social collaboration platform for the enterprise". The decision to decommission the Vibe Cloud service as of September 30 was announced by Novell's new president and GM Bob Flynn in a Thursday post on the …


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Novell's Next Chapter

11? Or will they skip straight to 13 this time?

They had a fantastic file server product in the 80s, but then sat on their laurels through the late 90s while Microsoft slowly ate their market share. Now they've discontinued their only big success story, what's left - legacy installations sustained, for now, by inertia? How many 'greenfield' sites do you think would seriously consider setting up a new Netware installation, and how many existing Netware shops are slowly - or quickly - winding down that side?

We're finally ditching Groupwise next month; I'll drink to that, and look forward to something less geriatric taking over the file/print handling too.

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A Good Decision

Vibe Cloud was an ugly red headed stepchild compared to the much more useful Vibe OnPrem product.

It's been a long time since a Novell product has captured the imagination of my Management but OnPrem did that in spades.

@James 100 - Netware hasn't been discontinued. OES on Linux brings all the good stuff from Netware, dumps the useless rubbish, and adds a ton of nice new features, some of which are really innovative - eg. MS & Citrix supported AD running on Linux that can run faster with more users than AD on Windows. What's not to like?

I won't argue that Groupwise needs attention (and it seems to be getting it), but I think the biggest problem for Novell sites is too many of them have sat on their laurels and not explored the new products Novell have been pumping out for the last few years.

I have no sympathy for anyone moaning about Groupwise performance when they're still running Netware - Groupwise on Linux is a dozen times faster.

Can't really put all the blame for that on Novell, and even if you do, the new leadership seem to have a good plan and the will to execute it.


Bit of clarification

Not sure where you got your usage figures, but I believe there were 50 commercial users, but something like 17,000 individual users for Vibe Cloud.

Either way, it sounds like Novell Vibe will continue forward and gradually bring the best features from Vibe Cloud into the product. This model of launching "beta" versions and seeing how people use them has a lot of precedent -- Google does it all the time.

I have used both versions and they both have some features I really liked. Looking forward to what they'll do with it next.

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