back to article Revenues down at BT for Q1, share price up

BT reported a 5 per cent decline in revenues for its first quarter ended 30 June, while pre-tax profit climbed 20 per cent. It saw total sales of £4.76bn in Q1, compared with £5bn in the same period in 2010. Adjusted profit before tax jumped to £533m from £466m a year earlier. Earnings per share rose from 4.4 pence to 5.2 …


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Anonymous Coward


thats not good news, welcome to a world where the internet is free and clean, just like China,

what hacks me off is that the internet gets its balls cut off and once the door is open there really is no limit to the amount of ball chopping that can happen, yet the other media outlets are aloud to print utter FUD about anything they like and potentially course more issues, unrest and damage to the country and those in it than anything else out there.

Now heres the thing, im all up for freedom of speach, but how they can be aloud to single out one thing they dont like and stamp it out yet leave all the other crap out there i dont know

what next? websites talking about bigamy? its against the law here so why not? or is it that its not "as" illegal as piracy? ok,. so how about murder then? are we saying thats less illegal than piracy? child porn? the list goes on, my point is, once you start filtering stuff there will not be a limit, this sets a dangerous prescedent if what you say is true.

Paris Hilton


My family voted with their feet due to the lack on investment in our local infrastructure. We are stuck on 20cn having had 21cn dates withdrawn which seemed to be related to the FTTx rollout and we are sick of paying high costs for old tech slow speed while Bt chase crumbs in areas already soiled for choice.

We may still be on a WLR line, but it has removed the retail margin from BT. Its a small protest at the way we are being left behind while other areas get repeated upgrades - a policy that seems to have bitten BT in the a**e due to low take up of fibre services in many areas. I wonder how much of the retail loss is due to long term customers such as myself becoming fed up with BT's attitude to its captive markets on Market 1

The OFCOM proposal to cut around 80p per month from Market 1 (Wholesale) Broadband charges is a joke when you weigh it against the ludicrously low cost of LLU.

Paris cos she knows how it feels to be screwed

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