back to article Quantum mid-range DXi crushes Data Domain

Quantum has a new mid-range DXi deduplicating disk backup box that crushes speed king Data Domain. Quantum has four product groups in its DXi range: the 4500 entry-level for small and medium business and remote office/branch office (ROBO) needs; the 6500 mid-range; the 7500 enterprise; and the high-end 8500. The mid-range also …


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Some corrections on Datadomain

Boost also works with EMC Networker and EMC Avamar.

There is a lot more to DD Boost than the distributed dedupe processing, it also makes for much more advanced link aggregation and failover, but a big part is the controlled clone replication / Optimized duplication which ensures that the backup apps know precisely how many copies there are and where they reside.

And.. "top-end DXi 800", not DXi ;-)

Is all deduplication on the Quantum systems inline?


That is a big confession...

Isn't that the same story as with storage itself ? With Storage, prices fall every year, so you get more for less. Now it seems with dedupe, you get faster dedupe for less every year...

So, what does this trend tell us?

If dedupe must be soooo fast, then apparently unstructured primary data grows even faster or otherwise you would not need that speed.

So in other words, and all these releases about dedupe speed confirm this, dedupe is no answer to unstructured primary data growth as it cannot flatten or even reduce the unstructured data, otherwise there would be no need for ever faster dedupe throughput, right?

So this is great news, it is the big guy's confession that they can do nothing about unstructured data growth and have absolutely no solution for that.

To all that struggle with growing data: Look at the source of the problem, learn about new technologies such as native format optimization and reduce your unstructured data before putting another expensive box in your data center...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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