back to article Phishers go after your Google AdWords account

Cybercrooks have launched a "Google AdWords" phishing campaign in an attempt to trick marks into handing over sensitive login credentials to a bogus, newly registered, website. Spam messages promoting the ruse falsely claim that a recipient's campaign has been stopped and they need to login to their "Adwords account" in order …


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What are you suggesting?

"....Google AdWords scams might be less aware of the risk and therefore more likely to respond to fraudulent emails, perhaps"

Are you saying people such as Marketing driods may be a bit gullable? Never! Besides, Mac's can't get infected by Phising scams.


The dodgy site – ...

... still resolves as a valid domain.

That surely is the biggest part of the problem. A domain is known to have been registered for a fraudulent purpose, yet it still resolves and continues to direct traffic to the known-fraudulent site.

Moreover, in this case it would have taken only a cursory glance once reported at the domain name to conclude that something clearly intended to look like a google site but not having been registered by google was indeed an intentionally fraudulent registration.



As to whom do you expect to stop routing this domain?

The cyber police, I'm sorry to tell you this but there isn't one.

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