back to article Nokia punts NFC touch-data biz cards at £11 each

Nokia has set up an NFC Hub to sell NFC to businesses, both figuratively and literally, offering everything you need to wirelessly enable your PR material. Not that such enabling comes cheap, at least not from Nokia. An A4 poster will set you back £20, while NFC-enabled business cards come in at £11 each, which seems a bit …


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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    Two things


    This is rapidly becoming an affectation, not a solution to anything. It does rather sound as though the Nokia Asylum is now firmly in the hands of the nutjobs, not the nurses.

    2. Your tag

    "Near filed Communications". Really?

  2. TheOtherJola

    Near Filed Communications

    Not aware of that technology - although I used to have a lot of documents on my desk that were nearly filed. Is that the same thing?

  3. Paul

    cheaper alternatives

    quite expensive compared to tikitag, er, touchatag

This topic is closed for new posts.

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