back to article Google launches Go runtime for App Engine

Google has released a Go runtime for Google App Engine, adding that homegrown platform-as-a-service specialist programming language to the Python and Java runtimes already available. "This means you can take that Go app you've been working on (or meaning to work on) and deploy it to App Engine right now with the new 1.5.2 SDK …


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One step forward, two steps back

Not sure it will be any use to me without a widget set or IDE of some sorts but could be a good back end language.

I still love the simplicity and power of C however it isnt perfect and I welcome any improvements to reach nervana

eg C's assignment operator still trips me up

if(a=1) { ...} /* launch nuclear weapons */

when I meant

if(a==1) {.. } /* launch nuclear weapons */

and why do we still have case sensitivity, it just means a second pass through my code correcting the syntax


case sensitivity is sensible

It's laughable how many windows filesystem kernel API can't be used at various interrupt levels solely because they require use of code table for operating on filenames in a case insensitive way.

I'm sure MS regret case insensitive file systems.

And we wonder: if E folds to e, does ê map to e, and if so, when?

The fact is, they are different, case is meaningful, so enjoy it and make it mean something.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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