back to article Survey results: Cloud descends on IT

How many times do we hear from pundits and marketing people that cloud computing will change "everything”. The premise is that it will take away the headaches of IT, so we can all have an easier life and save our businesses money into the bargain. The flip side is that you might need fewer IT staff, so it’s unsurprising that …


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Not at all...

Do I feel that it is a threat, but I am the one legally responsible for the personal data of staff and customers and I simply do not trust it to be less fallible to what we already have.

When big cloud providers get hacked, loose data and suffer outages why should I rush to embrace it.

Like most other IT innovations it is half-cocked, not fully tested and I suspect nowhere near ready for a roll out for non essential data let alone mission critical stuff.

Remember the first rule for sysadmins; Never install anything until you have tested it to destruction, service pack 1 is released and preferably service pack 2, by then most of the nasty stuff MAY have been discovered.

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Old wine , new bottles

The "cloud" is just marketing BS for remote storage which has been around for years. So you access your data using HTTP instead of some other protocol or a physical tape. BFD. Its only 20 somethings who think its a major paradigm shift in IT operations because they haven't been around long enough to see all the other versions of this sort of thing that have come and gone.

Nothing to see here, move along please...

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