back to article NSW stalls on R18+ games classification: report

The meeting of Australian attorneys-general came within one voice of deciding to add an R18+ games classification to Australia’s censorship regime. Australia has been the subject of intense lobbying by gamers and game vendors to add the classification, so that games like Mortal Kombat can be legally sold in this country. …


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About bloody time!

The public has wanted this for close to 20 years.



The NSW parliament is hamstrung by the festering boil that is Fred Nile.

Fred is a delusional chap (he believes a magic sky-fairy talks to him daily) who makes Rupert the Walnut look pretty good.

He is also probably the most rabid raving right wing nutcase you could ever wish for - his ideas of democracy make George W. Bush look like the worlds greatest left-wing statesman.

Suffice to say that we won't see sensible ratings in this country until Fred goes to meet his make-believe maker, or the sea turns to yogurt.


Not just the church.

As a state (not necessarily in dividuals), NSW has a not-invented-here attitude to just about *anything* - if they haven't thought of it, or introduced it, or aren't in control of it, they just simply don't want to play.


Could be 4 more years...

The Wikipedia says it'll be 2015 when Fred Nile finally plans to retire, barring ... uhm, ... the Lord calling him home.


Fred "Indy" Nile

The original religious fundy nut job.

He probably doesn't even own a computer.

And this from Australia's "Sin City", Sydney.

Once run by the Rum Corps and populated with convicts.

Thumb Down

Not going to happen.

This is not "new" news. It's happened before. And each time: Jack Shit is the result.

The truth is (just no-one wants to hear it) is NO-ONE in government wants an +R18 rating on games.

The fact you get majority votes is just so they look good. Every 'friggin time that ONE person holding them back stops being a problem, everyone goes back to the "I don't know nothin" stance, till some time later they go for another vote and the whole thing starts all over again.

Heck, I've been wrong before, but situations like these always end badly.

Duke Nukem Forever is a recent example.

I didn't think it would come, it came, and let's just say I was glad I didn't hold my breath.

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