back to article Cameron: Murdoch son of Murdoch needs another grilling

Prime Minister David Cameron has called on News Corp chairman James Murdoch to face further questions from MPs about the phone-hacking scandal that has engulfed his family media empire. The PM's comments follow Labour MP Tom Watson's formal request that police look into evidence Murdoch gave to the media select committee …


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  2. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    Grilling again?

    Roasting over a slow fire is better at his age, to achieve properly tender results.

    Flame set to low/medium

    1. Anonymous Coward 101
      Thumb Down

      If you said that about someone charged with multiple counts of murder...

      ...someone would earnestly declare 'innocent until proven guilty!', along with suggestions that you were a bigoted 'Daily Fail' reader.

      A lot of people have revealed their prejudices in this phone hacking affair, and those prejudices ain't in favour of dispassionate justice.

      1. dogged

        Oh, I dunno

        There's quite a lot of evidence.

        I fully believe that Uncle Rupe didn't know. He's a businessman who specialises in growth, mergers and acquisitions. He doesn't get involved in celeb news stories (although remarkably, his papers all seem to read his mind on political stories).

        Little Jim, however, is the one who has to sign the cheques for the News of the World which means either he does a shit job or he knew.

        1. Mark 65 Silver badge


          Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about what old Uncle Rupes knew. I've been informed by someone in the industry that old Rupes gets a copy of all of his major papers in his office each day and if he doesn't like the front page he calls straight through to the editor concerned to stick a rocket up their arse. That's not the workings of someone with a hands-off mantra of running their business or someone that doesn't know what's going on inside them. That's point two - despite have a minor shareholding in both absolute and voting share terms he still considers it "his company". That speaks volumes.


    I don't understand

    ... why Rupert Murdoch was allowed to exit the country on Wednesday, despite an open investigation into Police corruption, bribery, illegal interception, organised crime, and at least one unexplained death.

    In effect, he's been allowed to flee.

  4. SuperTim

    actually he said...

    He had never *seen* the email, as that's what he was asked, IIRC.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Don't worry we can soon get him back under that wonderful extradition treaty with the US


      Oh silly me that one is a bilateral treaty that only works one way from the UK, not to the UK.

      It only works for poor saps who some politically challenged unknown in the US wants to use to bolster their popularity in the 'land of the enslaved' wrongly trading as the land of the free .

      1. Anonymous Coward 101

        AC 12:41

        A lot of people are extradited from the US to the UK for crimes they may have committed, just as they are from the UK to the US.

        So, yes, the UK could get James Murdoch extradited from the US if there was evidence he had committed a serious crime . Unless he was just hacking phones to find evidence of UFOs, which makes a big difference.

        1. Anonymous Coward


          it's not "just as they are from the UK to the US". It's very one-sided. (Quite apart from the more general issue of the US claiming jurisdiction *wherever* it suits them this week.)

        2. John Smith 19 Gold badge


          No. The difference is that the US require *evidence* that some kind of (extraditable) crime has been committed.

          The UK does not. Just hand the UK an arrest warrant and turn up arrivals a few days later to collect the accused. *No* evidence required.

          That's sort of why quite a lot of people are p**sed off about it and have tony Blair on their s**t list.

      2. Anonymous Coward


        Did someone not tell him that Israel is the place to flee whether it's fraud or murder? Oops, guess this media mogul didn't know he needs to be Jewish to fit the conspiracy theories and make use of the best non-extradition treaty?

        Mr. Murdoch is grabbing his coat and heading to the U.S. then...

    2. Oliver Mayes

      Money dear boy.

      It's only a crime if you don't have the financial resources to hire a team of lawyers to "redefine" the law.

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  7. Jolyon

    It's the son wot done it?

    Does the buck stop there? Is Rupert clean?

    Good soap opera stuff this.

    1. John Smith 19 Gold badge



      Headslap (to self) *why* didn't I think of that one?

  8. Thomas 4



  9. Anonymous Coward

    Would you buy a used car from a Murdoch?


    Perhaps a newspaper?


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      If ...

      ... for whatever reason, I needed to buy fresh turds, I wouldn't buy them from Murdoch.

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