back to article Yelp clicks into Aus with Telstra

American local-business recommendation site Yelp is coming to Australia via a strategic partnership with Telstra’s directories arm, Sensis. Yelp will integrate Sensis’ Yellow Pages local business listing data into its site, while Sensis' local sales force will launch into the Australian market. Sensis will also …


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just goes to show how completely useless YELP is outside of the USA... partnering with yellow pages...

Australia does need something but since YELP sucks in europe in my experience I dont hold out much hope...


There is a reason Sensis is in decline

We have yellow pages online and print advertising as part of our business. Also had white pages print and online last financial year.

The invoicing is poor, description of products is abysmal, and you have to badger the rep's to get any information. Not only that, but none of the areas will talk to each other, so you have to do the same thing FOUR times, once for each part of the business.

We dropped our spending with them by over 70% because we couldn't see any return on investment anymore. Which, by consequence, means a fair amount more $$ in the beer kitty!

They are stuck in the stone age of paper based directories, and have only now just woken up to the fact that 90% of Australian's throw said paper directories in the bin, and just Google the information they need, its more up to date, and better content, with a more efficient search.

So support the local economy, stop feeding the dinosaur, and enjoy Frothy Fridays :)

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