back to article Apple Store down for Lion tweakage

Apple's online store is displaying its infamous "We'll be back soon" message. The giant last night revealed that it would be releasing Mac OS X 10.7 Lion today. That will be delivered through the - as yet un-updated - Mac App Store, but presmumably Apple will be wanting to tweaking the Mac line-up's Apple Store graphics to …


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Be Back Soon ?

Amazing that such a big cap company doesn't provide continuous availability through their online sales channel...

Don't tell me, its to build the excitement etc etc, but to me it just looks like even their web site is consumer grade....

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no continuous availability

other than (on the "back soon' notice.....)


Malaysia 1800-80-6419

Australia 133-622

México 001-800-692-7753

België 0800/99 846

Nederland 0800 0200 570

Belgique 0800/93 932

New Zealand 0800-MY-APPLE

Brazil etcetera....


If they didn't take that approach

you wouldn't have this article and many others like it generating lots of interest, which leads to sales. After all, all publicity is good.

Just suddenly having the store update with no warning, just isn't the same. Your suggestion that its somehow because they can't or that their website is substandard just makes you look silly. Did you see their financial results yesterday? I think they are probably managing their product releases just fine.. !

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They do it for a good reason. It stops people buying the older model and then whining about how they missed the latest generation by minutes.

If they didn't take the store down they would have to deal with thousands of support issues about refunds or product exchanges. Taking the store down reduces this slightly.

It's also a symptom of Apple not announcing products far ahead of availability due to the "wait for the vapourware" brigade. People who put off purchases for six months to a year as they must have the new product.


Yep certainly shifting product

No doubt they are doing well and creating and shifting products a plenty - good luck to them if they can get people to pay the premium prices...

I suspect your view on the publicity angle is spot-on though, I wouldn't expect anything different.


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It's available now...

14:43 CET I clicked "buy" on the app store on my iMac, five minutes later I clicked Install on my Air. One purchase, two computers (interesting to see if Microsoft do the same with Windows 8). Now we wait and see how long it takes to download and install :)

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