back to article EMC replaces ControlCenter with ProSphere

EMC is replacing its VMAX ControlCenter management software, likened in the past to "a royal PITA", with ProSphere, positioned as scale-out block storage resource management. EMC says it doesn't think a single storage resource management product covering all its arrays is a good idea. Chuck Hollis, EMC's VP for technical …


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EMC cant do Software

Even if they claim to be one of the largest sw manufacturers. I worked for emc for 7 years as a consultant and i saw navisphere, control center, symmetrix manager (which was already outsourced from cc very early cause the couldnt get cc to control their main storage, the same with navisphere) powerpath, geospan/srdf-ce and so on. They all sucked, were more then heavy to install and support was bloody bad even for internals. Its still the same. Emc cant do usable storage management software. The only stuff that was and is working are their command line tools - not very 2011.... Have a look at Dells storage or others shows you where to buy.

I.e. When upgrading CC in minor or major steps all historical data was lost! This was fact from 5.0 to 6.0 over several version and couldnt be fixed although there was an oracle db below...they needed to drop it. Customers liked this.....

Performance management is historical and ancient - for clariion and vmax. Collect data and get a zip file. Visualize the data in a sucking java gui that slows down even the fattest ram/cpu combo. Customers still complain about this.

I would never buy an emc system again, others just can do muuuch better.


Things have changed

All the software you mention are things of the past. EMC has learned from their mistakes.

Navisphere has been replaced by Unisphere, Control Center by ProSphere.

The old java code is beeing replaced by Adobe Flex.

You can check out this Unisphere demo to get an impression of the new tools:

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