back to article Sony intros washable sports Walkman

Sony has restyled its Walkman W series, its wearable MP3 player that's now washable too - the company has the notion you won't take it off after running, you'll wear it in the shower too - 25 per cent lighter, and gains the word "Sports" to increase its sales appeal to the sedentary. Sony Walkman W Aspirational? Sure is. …


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excellent device, don't mistake it for sports or swimming only.

Its great in the rain or if you just sweat a lot, for whatever reason.

been waiting for the next version.

I have the original version which was reputed to be quite water sensitive, so I'd use a hat or take it off whenever it started to rain.

But there's nothing as great as a walkman with no cables that could break or develop intermittent contacts.

My old one has great sound quality, holds like 300 songs, charges fast, and is now the only walkman I use. All my iPods are in a drawer in the cellar.

This is one of very few products I'll be standing in line for. Surprisingly, its from Sony...

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