back to article Private equity saves SeeSaw

The upending of SeeSaw has been cancelled. Owner Arqiva today announced it had flogged off 75 per cent of the online video-on-demand service. Arqiva will retain 25 per cent of the company, the rest going to a group of venture capitalists, private equity punters and merchant bankers. SeeSaw will be overseen by Michael Jackson …


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  1. David 135
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    Some of the streaming services on Boxee (like Five) didn't work last I checked, but some of those were also available on SeeSaw, so I was sorry to hear about it being canned. Maybe with a purchase arranged it can look at getting greater awareness of its availability via Boxee and other media player setups.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Michael Jackson

    "Michael Jackson put in charge. Woooo."

    Shouldn't that be "Yee hee shamone"?

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