back to article Berkeley Lab preps 100 Gbps prototype network

Berkeley Lab is to start laying the foundations for a 100 Gbps academic research network, in a subcontract agreement with Internet2. Under the US Department of Energy’s $62m long-term investment in high speed academic networks, Berkeley Lab will work with staff from the DOE’s ESnet and Internet2 to develop a 100 Gbps prototype …


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Who is layer 3 communications? El Reg typo.

Im gone off broadband in a weeks time. Now that comcast, verizon, and others are turning themselves into the internet police openly acknowledging that piracy is going on through their networks (yet not being held accountable for it) i'll be on my slow satellite connections.

They've always claimed immunity saying they had no control or idea of what was going on but now they know exactly what is going on and they aren't held accountable for it.

Why are tax dollars funding this nonsense? Internet2 is nothing more than government control and corporate america marketing tie-ins.

Why are we putting any tax money into these types of programs when the president is saying there is no money for social security?

Will level3 do the world a favor and file for bankruptcy now? They are done and have been for years.

They are priced too high for small business but when comcast and companies like them go up against them instead of forcing their high prices they go blog and cry foul about it.

Our tax dollars all hard at work building an internet that we have absolutely no justifiable use for.

If the university's need high speed networks to push pornography and whatever else LET THE PARENTS AND STUDENTS PAY FOR IT.

Hey at least if the government defaults we will still have all this interwebz right.


yee haw

Keep plucking those banjo strings.


Not really news, IMHO

More than 100Gig to a site (DC) is really not that unusual. 40 or 80 Gig to a single space within a DC is not that unusual either.


Too True

Espescially since the company I work for is already providing 100G connectivity for Janet (Joint Academic Network) in the UK!

Now those Fecless students can FB & Twatter at the speed of, well, light!



that you provide the same bandwidth into the 'net as well

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