back to article 'Transparent' PM dishes up more public datasets

The Cabinet Office's digital-by-default mantra got a boost today, with the government promising to publish various datasets on the National Health Service, schools, criminal courts and transport online. The move forms part of Prime Minister David Cameron's "transparency" agenda to make public bodies more accountable to …


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"David Cameron's "transparency" "

So, Steve Bell's condom-man cartoon image is spot on (as usual)



"The competition makes the most of the cluster of high tech companies in London, enabling those selected to go further and faster and transform their ideas into commercial reality,"

Maybe I'm missing the point, but given tech is an industry which is probably more able than most to be fairly location agnostic why only concentrate on London? There's other areas of the country too, areas perhaps more in need of investment than the capital.

Get the infrastructure right, and we could encourage tech development in any part of the country.

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So people *could* find out if all that money pumped into the NHS has caused more people

to be *successfully* treated.

Or not.

Also handy if you're looking for a more "prescription friendly" GP regarding various ailments.

Cautious thumbs up on this one.


The definition of "successfully treated" ...

... in economic terms may mean no more than "no future related costs associated". There's two ways to achieve that, have the patient die, or have the patient fully recover.

The latter is enormously difficult to measure, and the metric is unstable, who can say when the condition might regress ... or whether treatment costs for the same patient at a later date are a consequence of unsuccessful / insufficient earlier treatment instead of something that'd have happened anyway.

So for pure beancounters / number crunchers / metrics-obsessed middle management being targeted first and foremost by cost reductions achieved, there's an endless field to plow of arbitrarily stretchable (non)correlations ... with an incentive to make people die early because that's the one thing which unrefutably achieves the aim.

That doesn't make the data uninteresting; I merely wonder whether managing health services in a data-driven way is appropriate for this kind of "business".

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deja vu all over again


Just off to see how many <s>aids patients registered at</s> prescriptions for aids drugs my GP dispenses.

Even more interesting in a small rural practice.

Better yet, your newspaper won't get closed down for using this stuff!

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