back to article Kazaa founder Bermeister returns, with key cloud patents

Brilliant Digital Entertainment subsidiary Kinetech has its eyes on the digital music industry, announcing that it has been granted three US patents covering content discovery and rights enforcement. Back in 2009, Kevin Bermeister of Kazaa fame switched focus to legal music alongside former pirate-buster Michael Speck, and BDE …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    I don't understand.

    So you apply for and get a patent on smoke and mirrors, then you demand money from everyone who is already using similar smoke and mirrors, more or less maybe.

    Then everyone hands over a pile of money for using and doing what they were already using and doing before the patents were granted.

    Is that what you are saying?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    LimeWire? LimeWire!?

    Is today April Fool's Day RFC? LimeWire was denutted months ago. This is clearly estoppel by misrepresentation of fact... or LimeWire has patents to share.

  3. Watashi

    Shurley shome mishtake?

    This is great news, as I recently was granted the following patents.

    Taking the P*ss (US patent 7,063,101): "Any IT systems patent which aims to make money from an idea which requires no innovative ideas or investment or resources but serves only to make money out of the technologies applied by companies that actually do something useful."

    Leech Patenting (US patent 7,198,000): "The use of poorly implemented intellectual rights legal systems to speculatively patent a specific IT concept before anyone actually has any plans to seriously implement it in the hope that one day it will be used by a giant corporation."

    I stand to make a lot of money here!

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  4. hamsterjam

    This was foreseen long ago...

    "Every gimmick-hungry yob digging gold from rock'n'roll

    Grabs the mike to tell the world he'll die before he's sold.

    But I believe in this, and it's been tested by research,

    He who fucks nuns will later join the church."

    Now if only I could remember where that came from.

    Actually, I can. Can anyone else?

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      "if only I could remember where that came from"

      If only there was some sort of engine on the Internet that could allow searching for things . . .

  5. DaveLevy

    Prior Art or What?

    You say, "“identifying and requesting data in [a] network using identifiers which are based on contents of data” (US patent 5,978,791), “identifying data in a data processing system” . Isn't this RDBMS indexes? Surely theres a shed load of prior art here? And thats before we go back to the 80's and ICL's CAFS.

  6. Zedsquared

    I'd love to help @hamsterjam

    But I'm afraid I don't have the relevant license to enable me to identify your data by its content.

  7. CuberootPie
    Thumb Down

    (US patent 7,198,000):

    who's banana did he peel for that as a patent .. legalise robbery for the rich .. prosecute the consumer

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