back to article Virtualised desktops: provisioning done the MS way

A virtualised desktop offers huge advantages, both to the user and to the IT department. For anyone using a laptop at home or on the move, the experience is the same and everything is exactly as when they left it. What they see is the image of a desktop running in a virtual machine on a server in the data centre. Users log …


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Or ...

I could use an IBM 5150 & Model M keyboard and a modem to dial into the host ...

Or, I could join the 21st century and educate myself enough to use the CPU, memory & storage available at this end of the link to it's best advantage, thus negating the need for the link in minute-to-minute service.


another week..

..another VDI write up.

I looked into all this today and discovered that you have to pay for addition RDS CALS. So you pay for the OS, you pay for the server, you pay to access the server and you pay to access the remote desktop on the server.

And as far as im aware, if its all in the cloud you have to pay for the data you shift around the cloud.

I can see this all crashing down as way too expensive.

local networks are here to stay

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