back to article Tape and dedupe: So not happening

Let's be provocative: the LTO Consortium has innovated in tape format capacity but elsewhere the tape world is moribund, mostly seeing tape as a cheap data tub with ever-increasing capacity. Where is the innovation we've seen in disk drive arrays? Yes, we have tape media checking to ensure tape cartridges are storing data …


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Dedupe on linear media...

The biggest problem would be trying to dedupe against what is already on tape.

Say you did a weekly full backup and then daily differential and could fit several of these sets on a single LTO tape. To dedupe one full backup against the other and all the diffs you would need to reference all the previous backups - so either read them off the tape into disk before you start the dedupe/backup run which slows down your backup.

Tape is linear and will always be slower than disk or flash can be. Tape is good for archiving and long term backup. Tape is nice and portable. Tape offers large capacity.

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Oh, I dunno ...

My 15 year old Memorex Telex 5600 ATL seems to do a pretty good job :-)


Oracle Fanboy?

Not sure about all this talk of Oracle in this space.

When I think dedupe, I don't think Oracle. Maybe EMC or Netapp? They are both hardware companies that actually do dedupe.


Reliability issues

With the poor reliability of tape systems you can never have too many copies of your data.

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