back to article Oracle VDI now mates with both Solaris and Linux

Oracle has released an update to its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, better known to one and all as VDI. Version 3.3 adds support for Oracle Linux, a tricked-out admin portal, and – at least according to Larry & Co. – improved performance. VDI 3.3 is but the latest step on the long and winding "network computer" road. Oracle …


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Just put down the Sun OSS and back away slowly

Uncle Larry is not in the giving stuff away business. This stuff is not really free software any more, no matter what the license terms say. If it were, Oracle would not be suing Google over Java. It's just a trap.

Stay away from all things Oracle. If you get fond of any of this stuff you're just installing the ring in your own nose. Once it's in, Uncle Larry's going to put you in front of a plow.

E 2


VDI is at least curious!


Nothing wrong with a good type 2

Most of the performance deficiencies in OS (and especially Linux) schedulers which made the bare metal idea all the rage 7 years ago are simply not there any more.

There should be very little performance disadvantages in running an up-to-date type 2 and a lot of performance, feature-completeness and stability advantages compared to bare metal.

I would definitely not expect the IP offload infrastructure on a type 2 to be such a clusterf*** that a TCP transfer above 1GByte breaks the IP stack (hello Xen), that the scheduling and queueuing models have to be turned off by the hosting provider or do not work , that the call chain for an ip-xmit can exceed 50 nested procedure calls, that... And so on...

Type 2 also simplifies management considerably and makes integrating special hardware, making use of network offload, GPU offload, etc a piece of cake.

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