back to article Major Comet investor backs sale

Major Kesa Electricals' shareholder Knight Vinke will back the proposed sale of ailing retailer Comet providing it can be signed and sealed quickly with a decent return for investors. According to reports last weekend, the near 20 per cent stakeholder asked Comet parent Kesa to shelve plans to flog the business, which reported …


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Not content with just selling the business, he should also be advocating the sale of an extended warranty to the successful bidder, on what was only moments ago "the best electronics dealer on the market and very reliable!"


OK so you've selected your item there Knight

now good luck trying to find an assistant to ring it up. They're all either on break, chatting to each other or just plain can't be assed.

Have you ever just popped into Comet to buy anything? No thought not.

It's much worse than Curry's and they are the fecking pits. Just what kind of fool are you buying this crock of sh*t company. If you ask me we should just take off an nuke every one of it's godawful branches.....just to be sure.

Unless you plan to blow it up and rebuild everything from scratch using real humans then I think you just lost your cash there knight.

Me I prefer buying things on the IntertubeyWebby thing because somewhere in the chain there will be another warm human with a pulse and thats something totally absent from Comet.


50% off

They should double the price of the company for 30 days and then cut the price by 50% so that the buyer thinks that they are getting a great deal.


Perhaps they'll try to sell extended warranty as the sale closes ...

... just like;

A few years ago, a colleague and I happened to be buying a breadmaker (each) from the aforementioned store. At the checkout the conversation went something like ...

Sales Girl: Would you like to take an extended warranty on that (for something like £50 on a £89 breadmaker)

Me: No, thankyou, I'll be ok.

Sales Girl: But what if it breaks down, what will you do ?

My colleague, as quick as a flash, stepped in:

/sarcastic tone on/ "Buy a loaf from the shop maybe?" /end sarcasm/

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