back to article The Web isn’t dead in Australia

A meme from last year that the "Web is dead" doesn't seem to have stopped Australian 'net users, for whom that and e-mail remain the inescapable daily activity, according to a research paper published by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Its latest analysis of Internet usage also restates the …


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Maybe we don't want Internet TV

because we've already seen that 99% of all TV is shit. The medium doesn't matter if the content isn't worth watching. Combine this with the tiny (and expensive) bandwidth caps in Australia and who would want to watch TV over the internet at all?

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No surprise

"The research also reveals interesting insights into the kinds of services that matter to Australians – and it’s not all good news for service providers. We love the kinds of things the Internet lets us do, but when it comes to the services the industry loves, such as Internet TV offerings, the enthusiasm hasn’t caught on yet."

The internet came late to Australia in terms of usage in other countries. Australia doesn't have its own Amazon branch and has to buy from the US. Relevance? Amazon is credited widely with making the internet shopping sector broadly acceptable to the general public - reputable company, right of reply/returns etc (at least when it first came onshore). It built confidence in the sector and made it mainstream acceptable. Having emigrated to Australia, the first thing I noticed was a lack of internet shopping. Up until 2010, shops that were tech or tech in part like Harvey Norman or department majors like David Jones and Myers had zero internet shopping opportunities. All these luddites would actually offer was an swf or pdf of the catalogue they ramned through your front door. Utter tech cretins. They still don't offer the ability to compare product prices as most hide the manufacture model and only list their internal code so that you do not know whether you'd be getting a good deal on this year's model or a shit deal on last year's.

Why talk about this? It's because it gives a background to the mentality of businesses in Australia and their embrace of modern technology. Last time I tried, windows media centre could not get a tv schedule over the air or download one without a subscription because the TV channels view the schedule as IP - honestly, I kid you not! These same companies have only recently offered catchup services. There is no aggregator that I know of just per channel catchup services. It is no wonder that nobody is interested in such services - they are shite and incovenient. If you ever wanted to see the music/film industry's business model dying on its arse then look no further.

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Dear ISPs. Give me...

...connection speeds that are faster than an elderly Volvo driver... caps that bigger than a baby's arm... attractive plan that doesn't make my wallet wince in pain...

...some TV shows that don't make me want to give up on humanity...

...someone repeatedly kicking Tony Abbott in the balls...

...and I'll get excited about consuming more data and taking advantage of your TV on demand service. Until this occurs, kindly sit on my icon.

Yours Sincerely, Reg.

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