back to article HP plan for faster, 64GB TouchPad leaks out

HP has only just announced its TouchPad tablet - which isn't even shipping in the UK yet - but it's already gearing up to release an upgraded version, it seems. According to slides allegedly leaked from an HP presentation, the WebOS-based fondleslab will gain 64GB of storage and an unspecified "processor bump" in August, …


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Oh, so they can read then?

I suspect they have read all the adverse reviews and remarks from commentards like me, who feel let down by the first doorstop.


What I want in a tablet

64 GB

Dual Core Processor

No Apple


3G/4G down the road if I decide to set up a plan for it

USB ports for flash drives

Make it happen HP


Yes to all of that

I agree USB host is required for external HD.

But I also want USB client with bulk-storage mode so I can write to it from Linux.

And what about a cli I can ssh to?

And how about it becoming a second screen or graphics tablet when plugged into gnome/kde?

And better speakers as a given.


Nvidia Kal-el upgrade

This will be when Nvidia's Kal-el or Tegra 3 (to give it's estimated production name), becomes available. People should know that any Tegra 2 tablet they buy now will be out if date in a few months due to quad core Kal-el launching, come on Register, it's not a secret.

Tegra 2 has been out for quite a while now. Blame the manufacturers who took so long to use it that it is almost out of date right out of the gate.....

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