back to article Anti-censorship Radiohead tap into online Chinese market

Radiohead have launched their own microblog in China, even though the British band oppose the country's human rights and censorship policies. Associated Press reported yesterday that the rock group had created a page on the Twitter-like "weibo" website, which is run by Chinese online media outfit Sina Corp. So far, Radiohead …


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Conclusions. Leaping To.

"...Radiohead's decision to operate within the Great Firewall of China, despite the obvious freedom of expression restrictions, demonstrates their desire to reach out to that market..."

Or may, alternatively, be the opening moves in a public defiance of such restrictions, or the seeds of a burgeoning protest.

I think my conclusion is at least as likely as yours.


..or someone's just registered the name?

How did Sina check the authenticity exactly? The AP article said "A U.S.-based publicist for the band did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment" and contacting someone direct (though nearer to Oxford maybe) would probably be a good place to start..

Even if it is really them I doubt it will say anything more than "new album out", "here's a video on YouTube" a la their Twitter feed.

Sowing the seeds of a burgeoning record sales more accurate.


As a Radiohead fan..

..I sincerely hope that the truth is in Bernard M. Orwell's assessment, and not Graham 30's.

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