back to article Everything Everywhere IT staff get new boss, again

Two hundred former Orange staffers employed by Everything Everywhere today start working for T-Systems instead, as the UK's biggest operator commences a seven-year outsourcing deal for its IT systems. The majority of the staff are, and will continue to be, Bristol-based, while others work from Hatfield, Darlington and Leeds, …


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In through the cynical ear

"This is the dawn of new relationship between two customer-centric organisations. T-Systems will play a critically important role in delivering cloud computing capabilities to meet Everything Everywhere’s challenging Information and Technology requirements."

and out through the ...

the dawn: we're all still in bed and have no intention of getting up for a while, yet

new relationship: all new relationships start with someone getting screwed

between two customer-centric organisations: between two organisations

critically important role: a minor part

delivering cloud computing capabilities: outsourcing

challenging: confused, conflicting, overly-complicated, far too expensive and without a hope of ever working

requirements: wish-list

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not all just paper shuffling

you're forgetting that:

The Everything Everywhere senior management will be trousering a big bonus for increasing company efficiency


The T-Systems senior management will be trousering a big bonus for expanding the company



slaves can't be fired, they have to be sold......

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