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When Reg reader Ian Cawson, technical architect for the Co-operative, was given some new projects to tackle - including CRC targets, reducing IT complexity to minimise M&A impact and a move of headquarters - he grasped the challenge with both hands and charged down to Vulture Towers to tell us all about it. Today at 11am BST …


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Co-op's policy on ethics?

I'm a co-op member, and bank with them at least in part because of their supposed commitment to ethics in business, which makes me wonder why they're willing to use suppliers who have been repeatedly convicted of abusing their market position, as Microsoft has, which strikes me as evidence of a certain lack of ethics.

It wouldn't be so bad, but they're wasting my money on second rate software, and thereby shipping money that could be spent in the local economy off to Redmond, via the Irish government's friendly tax rates, such that they don't even pay what would appear to be a fair level of local taxes on their takings.

What's worse is that there's Free Software available that would do the job at least as well, the development model of which fits in perfectly with the co-op's philosophy, and they're not using it.

Ian is clearly a bit of a dimwit -- hopefully he'll be out on his ear shortly like the folks who were foolish enough to try and run the London Stock Exchange on a Microsoft platform.

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