back to article Apple to out-ship HP in 2012, say pundits

Apple will next year out-ship HP - if only when it comes to mobile computers - it has been forecast. The catch, you'll have already guessed, is that media tablet sales have to be included in the total. Unnamed pundits cited by DigiTimes say Apple could ship 15m MacBooks in 2012. And on a forecast 60m iPads - 75 per cent of …


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  1. Bilgepipe


    >>> HP ... needs only tell 15m tablets

    They better start selling paracetamol then...

  2. SuccessCase

    The Catch ?

    So innovating in a new mass market product category and successfully outselling all and sundry is a catch now is it? So if you successfully redefine the market taking customer's away from the traditional notebook segment, that's a catch ? Saying there is a catch makes it sound like there is something sneaky going on to fluff up the figures when the truth is much more spectacular - long established traditional markets are being turned on their heads. Sheesh Reg, when are you ever going to say the straight out obvious - that Apple have done a good job? It doesn't hurt to provide a bit of acknowledgement every now and then. It doesn't mean you've gone all soft and lost all critical faculties. It actually means you will be trusted more to tell it how it is.

    Many of our American friends probably think you have bad judgement when in fact The Register, along with journals like Private Eye is in a long tradition of English cynicism applied uniformly to everything - which has it's place. A good bit of cynical reporting provides a useful balance to corporate marketing spin. The problem is if you are not careful, cynicism becomes the lens through which everything is seen (very bad) and also dampens innovation. So I'm not surprised you are falling so far behind Tech Crunch for video and and editorial variety. Do you really want to be no more than a bunch of undifferentiated mini-Hislops ?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: "redefine the market taking customer's away from the traditional notebook segment"

      But are they? Post your evidence please.

      1. SuccessCase


        "Forecast Alert: PC Forecast Is Lowered as Consumers Diversify Computing Needs Across Devices"

        Details on the report if you can't access it:

      2. This post has been deleted by its author

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re : The Catch ? → #

      You must have heard it before but one man's cynicism is another man's realism

      1. SuccessCase

        The strongest prison by far is the mind

        If you don't believe you can do something, you sure as hell won't try. Of course there's room for disagreement over individual arguments whether x, y or z is really the case but it can hardly be disputed The Reg attempts to put a patina of cynicism on pretty much everything. So I would dispute they are always simply being realistic.

        If you make cynicism your realism, you're not going anywhere fast. By all means comfort yourself with the view they are always being realistic. But if that's the case I believe you are choosing to live in a smaller world, with fewer opportunities and less to be excited about than me my friend.

  3. Tom 38 Silver badge

    mini Hislops

    They are like mini cheddars, but much more likely to be sued for libel.

  4. Nya
    Thumb Down

    Statistical shuffling

    Hang on, HP sells 50m notebooks and Apple sells 15m, and Apple sells more? Come off it! One's a proper computing device, and the other is a consumer media device!

  5. Marvin the Martian
    IT Angle

    A joyous day for extrapolation!

    Hurrah, please tell us who they'll outship by 2013, 2014 and 2015? Or how many per earthling they'll ship by then?

    1. Daniel 4

      Consumer media devices

      "Come off it! One's a proper computing device, and the other is a consumer media device!"

      And just what, pray tell, do you think many laptops are used for?

      Granted that more than 15 million of these HP laptops are probably going to be mid-to-high end machines with heavier use than that, but still - a fair number of those 50 million won't. One of the reasons the iPad is so successful is that it really does allows a lot of the "user class" to do everything they need.


    2. Anonymous Coward

      In the consumer sector it is a slightly different picture

      One is a F***Book access device and the other one is surprise, surprise a F***Book access device.

      So putting them in one category is not that far off.

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