back to article IBM preps mini-mainframe for launch

The word on the street is that Big Blue is getting set to launch the so-called Business Class iteration of its System z mainframe, a midrange-class machine to complement last year's System zEnterprise 196 server. The announcement is set for some time in July, most likely in the first week after the 4th of July holiday in the …


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Software Emulator?

"...If IBM keeps the zEnterprise BC midrange mainframe at five CPs, then a single system image should be able to span up to 3,400 MIPS or so...."

Is there really a point of selling those midrange IBM Mainframes? I mean, an 8-socket Intel Nehalem-EX server gives 3.200 MIPS using software emulation with the Mainframe Emulator TurboHercules:

Anonymous Coward


I thought the had recevied a cease and desist order?

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