back to article Royal Mail tells The Register how it's using private cloud

Holmes and Watson. Kirk and Spock. The Chuckle Brothers. And now, Steel and Knaresborough. Recently we brought you the feelgood tale "Royal Mail Moves to the Cloud" , in which intrepid Adrian Steel and his trusty sidekick Glyn Knaresborough migrated 30,000 desktops - and lived to tell Reg readers their heartwarming story. They …


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Sat by the letterbox

I'll watch it while I await my morning post...

Oh hang on, its on at 11:00. Well I'll watch it anyhow and then have lunch while I await my mail.


No thanks

What is the point of listening to someone flap their gums when their own websites proscribe that you use a Windows as your OS? Got OS X? Parcelforce don't care. Got Droid? Parcelforce don't care. Got a Linux? Parcelforce don't care. What non-Windows peeps will get is a big, fat warning that you must run Windows or your order may fail.

Don't believe me? Go here and try for yourself (don't use Windows, obviously):

1. Click any red "Buy" button

2. Click "Continue"

3. Wait....

4. See nice big warning message, Parcelforce do not want your business!

And why is this a fail? Well, so long as the browser support HTML/CSS standards, the web app should not care what OS you are on. Really, for a browser based application that is (or should be) standards compliant, who give a flying crap what the OS is? It runs in the browser!

Oh yeah, and they demand you have Adobe Acrobat too. Why? Search me. It's not the only PDF game in town.



Even by the "standards" (har har) of crappy "windows / IE only" sites they really go out of their way to insult the rest of us.

The win the "speshul" prize.


No Thanks

Interesting rant , and if the subject of the discussion was the virtues to be derived from abiding by web standards , it might even have been relevant.

But since he has given up his time to pass on his experience of virtualisation and their experience of the cloud I'm not sure of your point.


Pinch myself

The Royal Mail website returns "302 Moved Temporarily" to many tracking requests (hit f5 and it might work next time).

They have a new CIO coming in (could say a lot about that one!)

They are going for cloud in a big way

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check I'm still awake and not in some bizarre dream world.

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