back to article Visa pushes NFC operator bypass on French

Visa is planning trials of microSD-based NFC chips in Nice, working with French bank Groupe BPCE to put payments into the pockets of punters without reference to the network operators. The trial will use iPhone cases containing the NFC radio and antenna, as well as the microSD slot for the secure element, according to NFC …


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  1. Gavin Jamie
    Thumb Down

    Multiple Cards

    I have both Visa and Mastercards and choose which to use. Presumably with an SIM or phone based device I could choose one to use. With SD its could require 2 or more slots to let me do this.

    Not that I am even slightly considering waving my phone around in this manner.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      no need for all this

      My Visa and Mastercard cards already have nfc capability, no need to use the phone at all. Why do people think that your phone needs to do everything?

  2. Tom 35 Silver badge

    Do not want chip on an SD

    "but not using microSD – which is a shame as it is probably the additional case/antenna that put them off, rather than the cards themselves."

    Or they bought a phone with an SD slot so they could use it for storage, not a Visa chip.

  3. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge
    Big Brother

    No No and thrice No.

    This is a solution waiting for a problem.

    Oh silly me. This is a solution there they can skip a little bot of of every transaction you make.

    I seem to remember a film where a programme was 'modified' to collect all the rounding errors and pass them to a separate account. Lots of dosh for doing nothing.

    I'll keep with cash than you very much.

    My Identity can't be stolen.

    My purchasing habits can't be data mined.

    BB is still watching me, you and everybody. It just seems rather silly to make his job easier don't it?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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