back to article Mole maintains iPad 3, iPhone 5 out this year

Evidence continues to dribble in that Apple is planning to launch not only the iPhone 5 but also a new iPad this year. The iPad was last upgraded as recently as March, but we're hearing from a well-placed source within the UK's biggest satellite broadcaster that a further - presumably pre-Christmas - iPad update is on the …


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  1. Tchou


    obsolescence bugs me.

    1. ratfox Silver badge

      This is not planned obsolescence

      Planned obsolescence is making sure the thing does not work after a short period.

      ...Unless you are one of those people who think their gadget only works properly if it is the most shiny around.

      1. Tchou

        You're right

        but it is nonetheless some kind of POb.

        They basically did iPhone5, strip it and released iPhone4, and now re-upgrade and launch iPhone6 (you can be sure the next sequel is ready, and will follow in a timely manner as always with Apple).


  2. tmTM

    No new processor tho?

    If apple were to release another iPad it will only be a re-hashed version of the current model.

    They don't have a new processor at their disposal to put in the tablet, although a new higher res screen might be a good move.

    But if they do that what will they put in next years iPad??

    1. MooseNC
      IT Angle

      That's the plan.

      Re-hashing todays product with minimal improvements is Apples business model. Glad they seem to be the only company that does this in spades, otherwise we'd JUST be getting mice with three buttons.

  3. Silverburn


    ...but no thanks. My existing ipad and iphone work just fine thanks.

    Though a more media-friendly 16:9 screen & resolution wouldn't go amiss on the ipad though.

    1. A. Nervosa


      What benefit would a 16:9 screen bring? It's already 16:12. They're not going to make the iPad any longer so all you'd be doing is reducing the vertical resolution of the display to get rid of the black borders, removing the option to zoom if you're not bothered about widescreen and shrinking the playback area of 4:3 media.

    2. Giles Jones Gold badge


      16:9 is a screen resolution designed for landscape orientation. It looks pretty daft in portrait orientation.

    3. Volker Hett

      Oh no! Stick to 4:3 please!

      There are people who do other things than watching movies.

  4. Annihilator

    And maybe..

    Just maybe.. it'll run Flash? Or maybe not. But is anyone else loving the Blackberry PlayBook ads at the moment?

  5. Richard 20


    Oh no. Not that; I think the peeps at Apple are too clever to implement such a daft idea. Perhaps the device isn't perfect, but the aspect-ratio is!

  6. Adam T


    have terribly eyesight.

  7. kparsons84


    bad luck to all the ipad 2 owners eh? life's a bitch.

  8. LaeMing Bronze badge

    Re: 16:9

    There is nothing magical about the 16:9 aspect ratio - it is a throw-back from old (and largely unseen outside tech-expos) analog HD video which was designed to fit on a 4x3 video wall of 4:3 CRTs (full-HD analog screens being somewhere between exhorbitantly priced and completely unobtainable) and made it into the digital age because broadcasters aren't keen on changing formats any more than they absolutely have to (which is fair enough). Converting to 16:9 from most film stock is either going to need black bands or the edges cropped anyway as film uses different aspects (multiple) again.

    Personally, I like screens with pixel-resolutions that can be expressed as 2^x or 2^x+2^(x-1). ;-) So 2048x1536 sounds good for me - particularly for a tablet format device. (Just give it to me attached to something open, rather than a control-freak's wet dream).

  9. Tomato42 Silver badge
    Thumb Up



    dawn of highres and high DPI consumer screens? I hate Apple (for what they stand for) as much as the next guy, but dear me, if that would make high DPI screens available I would probably even buy the damn thing!

  10. YARR
    Thumb Up

    Outdoor tablet please

    Wish they'd hurry up and introduce daylight readable colour screens* to tablets, then they'd have a real USP over laptops/netbooks. The sooner Apple take the lead, the sooner the rest of the tablet market will follow and the sooner the prices of 'outdoor' tablets will become affordable.

    * Preferably the ones that don't need backlights and can be viewed in natural lighting.

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