back to article Go Daddy on the block for $2.5bn

Domain names and web hosting provider Go Daddy is reportedly on the verge of being acquired by private investors for up to $2.5bn. The New York Post reported that a group led by Silver Lake Partners and KKR & Co plans to buy the closely held company for $1bn. The Associated Press later put the price tag at between $2bn and $2. …


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How much ?

Is there any IP ?Aside from market share, which I'm guessing can be gained by marketing (unless there is IP) - what are the investors getting ? The first thing that should happen is they should firethe CEO on account of his desire to shoot elephants...



yeah their control panel which sucks more than anything else i have seen... period.


Domain hijacks

I've seen too many domain names hijacked by GoDaddy because of spam/abuse/fraud complaints. It doesn't seem to matter whether the complaints are actually genuine. There's many many many forum posts about how to screw over a competitor if their domain was purchased through GoDaddy. A few well crafted emails and GoDaddy will simply take it away from the owner.

So basically, I'm hoping they do sell and the new owners clean up that shambles of an operation. Then maybe people will come back to GoDaddy.


Bob's seen the writing on the wall

GoDaddy may have market share, however the market has shrunk considerably, almost all holders of what seemed like good names have reduced their portfolios, so the domain name business is a shrinking business, not an expanding one

Bottom line is, that in almost all cases, you need to build a website with traffic, real value and a real money making business or the name is worthless

Yes, there may be a blip in increased business with all the new TLDs, but that's all hype and those TLDs will all fail ( watch what happens to .xxx in 2 years and look into the value of having a .biz domain now )

It's likely the hype behind these new TLDs that is pushing the price up beyond the $1 billion that's been floated months ago, and I'm sure there is still profit in GoDaddy, but it is at best a level business in these poor economic times with little hope for growth.

Bob's a smart guy, getting out and moving on, while the getting is ok .. if he had been a genius though, he would have gotten out by 2004 and probably gotten $10 billion for the business


In demand in the coming years?

Maybe changing the name to "do-me-daddy" might add some spunk to the vitality or value of the site and domain name?

Otherwise, they'll continue down the slippery slope of being "de-manned"...

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Yeah, their hosting leaves much to be desired...

+1 on the control panel- I'm looking to move my stuff away from their hosting largely because of it, and either Dreamhost or someone who uses cPanel or it's ilk. My major problem is the 3+ GB worth of pictures that is a bear to move...

That, and you pretty much have to edit you pages locally and upload them- editing them on the server through their 'edit file' utility is a source of frustration and madness for even simple pages like the ones I crank out.


Hopefully the new owners will . . .

. . . clean the place up. I was one of their first clients from being personally solicited by them when I had an agency in Phoenix years ago. I have never seen a business turn into such a complete disaster so quickly. I have lost many clients and thousands of dollars because of their bugling of services. In the beginning you could get in, do your business and get out in minutes. Now you have to dodge all kinds of crap just to get in the door. And Bob Parsons . . . what a hot mess.

I use to have friends that worked there that would fix things that got broken. They all left after getting fed up with all the crap. I don't blame them.

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The Ryanair of domain name services

I have a couple of Godaddy accounts and they work reasonably well. Nothing special but they work. So service is ok.

What isn't ok is the constant nickel and diming going on. You start off being told one price for a domain on the front page and by the time you've gone through a maze of options and settings you discover the price is actually double or triple.

The controls are also laden down with links, upselling and so on making it a burden to administer accounts without constantly feeling under pressure from a pile of superfluous links and advertising. Oh and not a day goes by without some discount voucher spam.

I feel dirty from using their service and I'm sure other customers do too. Moving provider requires a little work but I expect in many cases it's not a huge amount. Next time a renewal notice rolls around I expect I'll be looking elsewhere because if Godaddy is going to treat me like shit then my loyalty to them in future will reflect that.

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