back to article Rockstar shoots LA Noire onto PC

Rockstar Games is bringing the highly-rated detective title LA Noire to PCs this autumn. The PC version will feature 3D support and enhanced visuals, which should make the MotionScan facial graphics look even more realistic. L.A. Noire On the ball with Windows If you haven't played the game yet, it is definitely one to …


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  1. Zobbo
    Thumb Up


    Excellent, looking forward to this. But why didn't they port Red Dead Redemption to the PC as well?

  2. Piro


    With something that supposedly had amazingly high quality models and animations, I didn't want that experience crippled by shoe-horning into an old machine.

    Should be cheaper, and better! Thanks Rockstar!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      re: Excellent

      I hope you're right, the PC port of GTA4 was horrid- buggy, crippled by DRM, and ran like a dog on some fairly high-end machines.

  3. Cool Hand Luke

    Better than Xbox?

    Well, hopefully the PC will give better loading times than the Xbox. I've never had a game that is so frustraiting to play due to the loading times since the days of the Amiga.

    I really want to love this game, but the very long loading times are keeping me from playing it. I love RDR and GTA series, but this game is over hyped in my opinion.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      long loading tines?

      can't say i've noticed them.

      Are you running it from the dvds, or the hard drive?

      1. Cool Hand Luke


        And it's really annoying. Especially when you are having to re-do a mission because you fell off a roof.

  4. Ryan 7

    It doesn't matter how realistic the faces are...

    if their necks and clothes are still made of sheet metal.

  5. Lionel Baden

    Meh GTA

    Found APB reloaded, Is basically GTA but mmo based and free :)

    I would recommend it to all but warning it is rage inducing at times :/

    GTA = crappy ports not worth looking at anymore, Which is surprising considering their roots of gaming.

  6. Erroneous Howard


    Stop falling off the roof then....

  7. serviceWithASmile


    that's 1 sale from me they otherwise would never have had.

    i hate buying console games these days, they are far too expensive. i quite like consoles but most of the time i just won't buy a new game due to cost / would prefer mouse&keyboard, whereas if it's ported to pc i'll get it.

    just please PLEASE don't put gfwl on it. PLEASE.

    or securom.

    gta4 didn't even authenticate the disc on my pc. securom themselves sent me a batch file which disables their own protection so i could run the game. epic fail.

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