back to article Tritton AX Pro 5.1-channel gaming headphones

Gaming headset outfit Tritton may not be a household name, but you can expect its profile to grow in the UK now that Mad Catz is handling the brand. The peripherals giant picked up the specialist headphone maker a year ago, pledging to bring this distinctive marque to a wider audience. As a consequence, it’s giving a fresh …


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  1. Robert E A Harvey

    oh glod

    Alan Blumlein must be doing 33 1/3rd rpm in his grave.

    Look, lads, which part of "number of ears = 2" did you not understand?

    Can I have my nervous breakdown now, please? I won't last much longer.

  2. Fuzz

    multiple drivers unnecessary for headphones

    I can see the point in having a separate bass driver but here's a little insight, humans only have two ears.

    The reason why two speaker DSP based surround systems for your TV aren't as good as proper multi-speaker setups is because you can't ensure that each ear hears exactly what you want. With headphones it's a given so DSP based surround should be perfect.

    I also can't see that placing drivers slightly forward or backward on an earpad is going to make the listener believe they are hearing sounds from infront or behind. Therefore is these headphones are producing a surround effect, which the review says they are, they must also be using some kind of DSP processing.

  3. andy mcandy


    im interested to see how much these headphones weigh. theres no mention of that particular "feature" on the Tritton webpage. if theyre too heavy, it will be like wearing a bike helmet on your head for any gaming sessions, or even watching a late night film without waking everyone else in the house...

  4. Zobbo
    Thumb Up


    I have the AX 360. The build quality is generally poor, the microphone broke within a few weeks and I ended up using a 15 buck pair which had much better quality input than the 360 ever had. Having said that, the sound quality is good and the 5.1 does actually work. I play BC2 also, but on PC with Auzentech Forte and the AX 360 and the experience is incredible. They also work nicely for DVD's.

    The AX Pro look more substantial so I wouldn't be surprised if the build quality was better, the microphone certainly looks much meatier than the weedy bendy one on the 360. BTW you can easily use these on your PC as long as you have an optical (preferable) or RCA output than can send a Dolby or DTS signal.

    1. Znort666


      They aren't that heavy at all...can easily have a days gaming without any neck strain.

  5. Mark 152

    Did I fire six titles or only five?

    An interesting but rather basic review, if you're suggesting these are okay for gaming how do they compare to other multi channel headphones around, such as the Razer Barracuda? Just because in B:BC2 the water sounded watery and firefights intense, a good pair of 3D headphones should allow you to pinpoint the location of sounds 360° around you quickly for that 'He must be cheating!' response!

    Based on this sparse review there is no way I'd go and risk my valuable beer tokens on these, surely you must have someone on the El Reg FPS-frag-fest desk willing to conduct an exhaustive review?

  6. patters

    DSP > multiple drivers

    I spent a good while researching before buying a gaming headset recently and most informed places ( and AVScience forums) tend to agree that the cheaper Tritton AX720s with their DSP-based surround are in fact better:

    There's fairly universal criticism for the Turtle Beach equivalents being too flimsy.

    I have the 720s and they're great.

    Shameless blog plug here but I wrote a post about Dolby Heaphone and I included some sound clips with it enabled for comparison. You can try it with normal headphones here:

  7. Paul Skipper
    Thumb Down

    tritton headphone support....

    Im full aware these are for xbox or ps3. Not bad headphones. But I would never buy a tritton product ever again as the company does not bother about supporting its products.. I have some axpc headphones. Great they are. Infact better than great. Then windows 7 came along. Wheres the driver ? Oh we are working on it. It never came. A 100 quidsworth of headphones in the bin.....Thanks a bundle tritton.

    These headphones MIGHT and could be the best gaming 5.1 headphones in the world, but without proper support, you may be throwing 150 quid in the bin.

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