back to article Aussie web host sells up after devastating hack

Distressed domain hosting outfit Distribute.IT and its offshoot Click n Go have been acquired by larger competitor the Netregistry Group after a systematic hack attack brought down the company's operations. Neither party have disclosed the sale price or customer numbers but it is clear Distribute.IT's priority was to ensure …


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Not how I would have put it

"It is important to us that all Distribute.IT customers know the extent of effort to which Distribute IT have gone to rectify the damage. Distribute.IT had a very solid reputation – that comes from doing a good job for a long time."

I don't think having weak enough security for all your servers to be wiped and your online backups scrapped would count as "doing a good job for a long time". I would class it more along the lines of "pissing into the wind and eventually copping a face full". It would seem that circumstances eventually caught up with them.



I would like to know more of the details regarding this so called "hack"


Cloud = Rain!

"That said we feel that as a strong market leader within the industry, we are in a position to offer a stable cloud infrastructure solution to the thousands of customers whose business and livelihoods have been affected."

Remember, your data is completely safe in the cloud or with external providers who always know better than you. Nothing bad could ever happen to *your* data.

Unless the external provider is worse than your support in house, don't secure their systems properly and don't bother to properly do unimportant, old fashioned things like tape backups because that's old school stuff which isn't needed in the new Web 2.0 utopian world because of "new technology"!

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