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DataViz’ Documents To Go is perhaps the most popular office suite for the iPhone and iPad. I don’t, count Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote as a ‘suite’ as you have to buy each one separately. Quick Office Quick Office Quick Office lets you create any kind of office document out of the box However, I found myself …


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I've been using Office2HD for almost as long as I've had the iPad, and find it's functionality excellent and integration with DropBox (or yoor GoogleDocs store) seamless. I dumped Pages & Numbers almost immediately thanks to their prehistoric, broken file/storage model (mail yourself a file...)

For £4.99 a better deal than QuickOffce @ £8.99


Sadly of little use to me like all things not M$ Office.

Sadly this does not seem to work with *docx or even *.doc Template Files, which I need in order to keep my School Logs up to date. Google docs as pretty much all the other 'alternative' Programs share this trait unfortunately.

I have yet to find anything other then M$Office (beit 2003, 2007 or 2010 of which I use 2003!), to do so. No not even Microsofts HTML version of Office Live will allow me to edit such files, it instead sends me to a Site where I can buy there broken version of Office 2010.

If I knew that it would do so I'd might be tempted to get an el-cheepo W7P to take care of this chore, but I suspect that this task would also fail there.

As for making those HATEFUL Powerpoint presentations, of which I had to make a few. Why would I waste my time on this, and not say on my Netbook, which has the Keyboard and an actually readable Screen?



I missed the fact that this was for the iBone and Max-iPad.

I actually have the Android Version of this App....


Limited tho

I have this on my iPad and whilst good it's quite limited by ios' lack of a usable file system.

You either have to rely fully on a cloud storage such as dropbox or spent tedious time switching between

Email and office.

Take this prime example :

Edit a word file recieved in an email.

Now try to send it back on a direct reply (you cant)

Because of Ios' stupid paradigm you are reduced to mailing it from quickoffice or dropbox to your own email then forwarding from there after tweaking the title to match the original email chain.

It's ludicrous and all because some idiots who should know better wanted to take away the best way we have had to share data locally - namely a file system.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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