back to article Orange eco T-shirt boosts Glasto goers' blowers

Orange has once again dived into this year's festival season with a nifty eco-product for charging mobile devices – a T-shirt that uses sound energy to produce an electrical charge. The shirt packs an A4-sized piezoelectric film, a material that has found a use in speakers. By reversing this application so that the film …


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Orange releases its annual Glasto publicity bumph.

The fourth estate admirably fulfills its duties by publishing it. For free. Everywhere. Like an actual piece of news.

And people say the media is dumbing down.


More greenwashing junk to leach chemicals into landfill

Let's see _just_ how much more Chinese-made plastic junk can we put into landfill? Take this down to your local council depot to witness the short puzzled expression as they briefly wonder how this can be recycled....just before they fling it into the landfill skip.

Just recharge your phone using the power socket on the train / your car's ciggie lighter (the 'leccy is virtually carbon neutral, as the vehicles generate it anyway and turn that crazy retina-searing 3-4" screen down to 50% brightness, and be done with it.

Abstinence from consuming is far better than needing to recycle.

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