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While Motorola’s announcements at the Cable Show in Chicago last week shows that it has come alive and is hellbent on keeping its major cable customers, in Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the emergence of an Intel chip in an announced set top box at Comcast must set Broadcom firmly back on its heels and send the shivers up …


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The death of innovation through marketing...

Actually, Intel media boards and units are rather good. This is especially so for the more recent ones which are based on Atom. It is a pity that none of that tech has made it into proper consumer equipment. Netbook which eats 7W, supports OpenGL and can play full HD on any screen size with flying colours anyone? For a 120 quid (that is what the BOM translates into for retail prices after you add a battery)?

Guess not, that will cannibalize the precious GMA and CPU sales. It is delivered only into STBs and only because if it does not fit that envelope it will not be able to fight against Broadcom, Arm, Motorola, etc. Giving this to consumers will also p*** off Microsoft as the platform performs with flying colours only under Linux (that is the default environment for these SoCs).

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Yea, but no, but yea.

The Intel CE series chipsets are suffering in the security validations, in addition to this there have already been a number of project failures/delays with the Intel chips which have hampered adoption. Some operators are trying to mitigate risk by going back to Broadcom who are more experienced and dependable in this market. Intel is the new kid on the block and it is making many mistakes.

Cisco has already dropped out of YouView because of difficulties with the CE. The UPC Horizon home gateway has suffered extensive delays.

Add to this that the Intel CE 3100 chipset is very power hungry compared to Broadcom or ST, there are legal implications for most operators in Europe because the chipset won't pass the EuP/ requirements.

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