back to article Making sense of Adobe's enterprise pitch

Adobe has announced its Digital Enterprise Platform for Customer Experience Management. My tip to Adobe: that is too many words with too many syllables for busy IT people who are trying to get their work done. What on earth is it? The same old stuff repackaged, or something genuinely new? The answer is a bit of each. Adobe has …


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"Same old stuff repackaged or something new?"

Warning: long sentence ahead

Given I work with Adobe products for 14 odd years, that I haven't seen anything drastically or revolutionary new in last 10 years, that you follow approach "release buggy, charge often", that your Open Screen project is stalled due to Flash Player terrible performance, that HTML5/JS overtook Flash in RIA space, that Corona, Titanium and others overtook you in smartphone space, that Dreamweaver became a Word of web authoring, that your products are up to 10x pricier than alternatives, I'd say your new marketing slogan *is* in fact same old sh*** repackaged.

Adobe = MS of multimedia

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