back to article RedBubble CEO drops role at Aconex

The executive at the centre of the RedBubble Hipster Hitler scandal has quit from his key role as chairman on software as a service company Aconex. High profile internet entrepreneur Martin Hosking has resigned as a director and Chairman of Aconex on Friday ahead of a directions hearing that was scheduled for Monday in a …


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Finally got it right

Aconex has deservedly been the target of some awful humour amongst ts user base because of their association with Martin Hosking and his involvement in Nazi t-shirt business and his parodying of the Holocaust. Two of the more tasteful jokes I have heard are

"Project Success. Easy as Auschwitz."

"Aconex. The Final Solution."

It will probably take a couple of years for the stink to die down & the further they can distance themselves from him the better.

Redbubble will probably only benefit from the association with the bigger company and all the publicity.


Spinning a bit too hard?

I know the official releases in these situations always try to spin sow's ears into silkworm missiles or somelike. But it stretches credulity beyond belief for Hosking to be bragging to you there was no pressure and no involvement from Aconex in his decision to resign. That sounds like crodillapig ugly piece of BS.


Too Little - Too Late For Martin Hosking

"Redbubble will probably only benefit from the association with the bigger company and all the publicity."

I find it astounding that some people are still are still focused on themselves and the sustainability of redbubble, a man's main form of livelihood has been destroyed, granted, due to his own stubborness and unethical behaviour, but I'm still sad that things had to come to this. As a former protestor I can say that I feel sad some measures had to be taken in order to pressure mr hosking into doing the right thing, there is no sense of justice for me or sense of bitter sweet pleasure on hearing this latest news. I guess it does show however, that when a small group of protestors begin to roar, greedy, profiteering companys are not immune to being brought to task.

As for those who have only thought of themselves and their security at redbubble throughout all of this, shame on you for turning a blind eye to these issues, perhaps if you, being friends of mr hosking, had tried to help in our negotiations and discussions with him instead of opposing us, things may never have had to go this far.

I wouldn't be so certain about the long term sustainability of redbubble either, not all publicity is good publicity or good for business, and some potential law suits on the horizon could prove to be very costly to martin hosking.

Personally I think he'd learnt enough of a lesson when the key issues were resolved prior to pressure on him to resign from Aconex, but unfortunately, by that time, it was all a case of too little, too late.


In regards to the Baby Wear issue

Great informative article. I was not aware of the issues surrounding Aconex and how Redbubble's issues were affecting the CEO in this regard.

You wrote that, "This week RedBubble also changed its policy on children's clothing after outrage over Hipster Hitler kids wear."

Actually, Redbubble did not change it's policy on children's clothing over Hipster Hitler kids wear. Hipster Hitler had removed his shirts from the child and baby wear long ago.

Redbubble were recently pressured into changing it's policy on child and baby wear because of the numerous media articles about serial killers faces adorning baby wear. (Including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, serial killer and cannibal - Albert Fish, Hitler, Osama bin Laden to Ivan Milet and more.)

I wrote a letter to various media agencies and child protection organizations regarding this issue.

Susie O'Brien of the Herald Sun Melbourne contacted me and used the information I provided her for her article, which has spread all across the web, and was printed in hard copy as well.

I wrote a blog about what drove me to write my letter and send it to the media and to child protection organizations (also to the Australian Family Association).

You can read my blog here:

"Blowing the Whistle on Redbubble's Serial Killer Baby Wear"

It's a shame it had to come to this. Had some ethical decisions been made from the start, none of this would be happening right now.

Kind Regards,

Tatum Wulff


There is no 'I' in TEAM

It took a lot of work and correspondence from many protestors to bring about this result, including much appreciated pressure from media sources such as The Register. It's a pity that Martin Hosking and some other redbubble management leaders, couldn't espouse the same ethical values as ALL of those who worked so hard for the right outcome held. Much stress, conflict, sadness and turmoil could have been avoided, but then again, 'IF' is the operative word in this case, and all of the would'ves, could'ves and should'ves in the world, wont make a blind bit of difference now.

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