back to article Facebook fuels Israeli cottage cheese insurgency

Facebook has once again been deployed in support of a Middle-Eastern insurgency, this time aimed at bringing down the tyrannical pricing of Israeli cottage cheese. Israelis are none too impressed that the cost of their favourite curd product has rocketed since the government loosened price controls last year. For example, the …


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  1. JayB

    Blessed are the Cheese Makers

    Well it doesn't mean that literally, it refers to all manufacturers of diary products...

    Sorry.. but admitted it, I won't be the first, I won't be the last....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    'Blessed are the cheesemakers'.

    1. John G Imrie Silver badge

      Well you got in first.

      I always liked,

      Blessed are the Geeks, for they will inherit the earth :-)

    2. Joefish

      Re; "I won't be the last...."

      Not by a long whey.

      1. Richard Taylor 2 Silver badge

        but to be fair

        being diary products I assume they have a schedule fore release?

      2. Michael Dunn


        With all the activity and movemengt around the borders of Iran, Turkey and Iraq, it can finally be said that the Kurds are on the way!

        1. CD001


          ... the Kurds are on the whey?

  3. Bob H

    Oh, actual cheese

    There was me thinking this was an article about a rise in Sexually Transmitted Infections...

  4. Adam West

    The makers of all dairy products

    Blessed are the cheesemakers

  5. Bassey
    Thumb Up

    "Curdish Revolt"


  6. Lamont Cranston

    Does Israeli Cottage Cheese

    produce some sort of dizzying high?

    The stuff you can buy over here is minging, and no one (barring a few dieters) would fuss at the price going up (I'm not the only person I know who finds it uncomfortably similar to baby vomit).

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Cottage cheese?

      Baby vomit? Clotted come more like......

      1. Aaron Em

        Spoken like someone who's never tasted semen

        Of all the comment titles I could imagine possibly finding cause to re-use, it *would* have to be this one.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Cottage cheese's great for your sex life.

      Because people know, if you eat that you'll eat anything.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Peace in our time

    I've been told in the past by Israelis that the Palestinians haven't cottoned on to the most important piece of leverage they have. If the Arab bagel shops in Jerusalem's old City were to restrict sales of their produce to Arabs only, Israel would immediately sue for peace. Not really much point to top notch cream cheese if you only have second rate bagels.

  8. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Wot no mention of

    cheeses of Nazareth?

  9. Joefish
    IT Angle

    "Frozen peas talk with Palestinians?"

    I'm sorry, I'll read that again.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Imports are USELESS!

    There is no point in importing cottage cheese to Israel. The foreign stuff has an entirely different consistency (too much whey and not enough curds). Given that cottage IS the national evening meal for kids up to the age of 10, this is a serious business.

    On the other hand, a cheap retailer today was selling cut-price cottage cheese.

    1. Michael Dunn

      "Imports are useless"?

      Aye, and unlikely to be kosher.

  11. Black Betty

    I suppose they couldn't find a pollie with his dick out.

    Surely they could do better than this in their efforts to avoid addressing the subject the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD wants them to.

    1. Oninoshiko


      sovereign states always do what they are told....

  12. Petrea Mitchell

    Cheesed off, huh?

    Or just refusing to be cowed?

    1. Graham Dawson

      Milking it for all they're worth


  13. skeptical i

    Imported cottage cheese?!? Them's fightin' curds!

    No need to shove.

  14. Anonymous John

    What a Friend we have in cheeses

    The post is required, and must contain letters.

  15. Puck

    Does anyone remember the Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer cottage cheese song?

    "There’s a type of cheese you don’t need a grater,

    you keep it in your refridgerator,

    it’s not really a cheese, it’s a residue,

    ah, but a residue that’s good for you."

    1. Alex Walsh

      thats a cracker

      and surely the only time voodoo is mentioned in the same sentence as cottage cheese.

  16. FreeTard

    Cottege cheese superior

    I'll have to try it so, coz cottege cheese is the lowest of the low cheese wise, just above easy singles.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Oi you - lay off the individually wrapped cheese slices!

      My dog simply loves them. He won't touch cottage cheese though.

      I don't know if my hound is Kosher though as to date he hasn't mentioned his religious beliefs........but he can lick his own......does that make him a Baptist?

  17. cannon
    Big Brother


    does tesco sell this in the UK like the other Israeli products grown in the occupied states?

    genocide, every little helps!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      'ere we bl**dy go again....

      Is the missing cottage cheese being deployed in Gaza as a Bio Terror weapon instead then....etc etc.

      Hey were funnier when you had Ball working with you mate.

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