back to article LTE vs broadcasters: let the spectrum wars begin

As mobile carriers prepare to upgrade to 4G/LTE networks, Australia’s free to air broadcasters and Foxtel are bracing for potentially significant and costly interference to their transmissions. Earlier this month UK regulator Ofcom estimated that it would cost £100m to deal with the disruption caused by 4G transmitters to over …


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  1. Tom 35 Silver badge

    So they took away the Analog TV

    Setup new digital TV, then give mobile phones spectrum that will interfere with it.

    Is there any one at the wheel?

  2. Martin Budden



    Slight disruption at 3m? That's OK, I sit further from the telly than that.

    Significant disruption at 1m? Does ANYONE sit that close to the telly?

    Move along, move along.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      It's not where you sit that matters...

      It's where the phone sits, and how many are in close proximity.

      If one on its own that close can cause problems, what would half a dozen in one floor of a block of flats do?

      Just because *your* phone is a good few metres away from the TV set, doesn't mean there may not be a 4G device on the other side of a wall being a menace to your viewing... and even if not, what other bands are these things interfering with?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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