back to article IE, Excel fixes star in bumper Patch Tuesday

Internet Explorer and Excel security updates are the most pressing patching priorities from the bumper crop of 16 bulletins issued as part of Microsoft's June Patch Tuesday updates. Nine of the bulletins carry a maximum severity of "critical" while the remaining seven earn the lesser tag of "important". Tuesday also brought …


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  1. Test Man


    Java update was released more than a week ago, not on Tuesday.

  2. Zog The Undeniable

    Adobe Reader

    Possibly the biggest load of bloatware in history. It's grown to the size of an entire 1990s operating system, updates for it frequently require kernel changes (and therefore a reboot) and it has far too many exploits aimed at it because of holes like the one this month's patch is supposed to address. And all it does is display miserable PDF dpcuments.

    I really need to dump it and get one of the free PDF readers.

  3. Mike Dolan

    Dont forget Flash

    Adobe failed to notify anyone about Flash. Which they just fixed last week. And they've fixed it again. But it's really fixed. Honest. Promise.

  4. janimal

    x64 lock-up

    Twice now my x64 machine has locked up while attempting to install the sec update for .net 2.0 sp2 & 3.5 sp1 (KB2478658)

    Anyone else experienced this?

  5. nyelvmark

    I got 19

    ...but since some of them were for MS Office (which I don't have because I use OpenOffice) or for Visual Studio (which I'd love to have but can't afford) I only(!) needed to install 14 updates.

    Incidentally, you should accept all the IE updates, even if you never use IE, because there are still applications out there that will ignore your default browser settings and launch IE if you click on a "find out more" link within the program. Online games are particularly guilty of this. There is, as far as I know, no way of preventing this - You can't uninstall IE.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So how did IE and Excel fix a Star?

    These headlines are written by Sun editors :(

  7. Anonymous Coward


    MS software as secure as it's ever been then! More patches to follow, no doubt...

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