back to article Sex-rating social pages take off in Queensland

A plague of geographically based Facebook "sex-rating" pages is spreading in north-east Australia, rating locals on their sexual pedigree. The frequently short-lived "root-rating" fad pages are based on recommendations shared mostly by male, teen participants, mostly in Queensland regional locations, in which they rank …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not really suprising

    There's close to sod all to do in Bundaberg or Mackay of an evening apart from waste your money on the pokies, or presumably your life on the internet.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Out of character

    I thought Queensland was supposed to be ultra-conservative, possibly explaining why the Masterchef Australia participants had to cater a wedding in Queensland where the bride and groom were improbably young (and she was either visibly pregnant, had children already, or both).

    I guess God isn't supposed to be able to guess who did what when it's posted anonymously on Facebook. That's the current thinking.

  3. VulcanV5

    Nothing of interest to see here. Move on.

    Why is news of the pre-pubertals who sign up to this pathetic Facebook thing of any interest to anyone with a mental age above that of five??? Gawd's sake, El Reg, give it a rest, please.

    1. Brezin Bardout

      Why indeed?

      'Why is news of the pre-pubertals who sign up to this pathetic Facebook thing of any interest to anyone with a mental age above that of five???'

      I don't know, you tell us. You were obviously interested enough to read it.

  4. ClareCares
    Thumb Down


    Words fail me, yet another example of sexual objectification of women by the patriarchal cultural hegemony.

    There are days I wake up and feel like being sick.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      "There are days I wake up and feel like being sick"

      It's called Bulimia, I'd see a doctor if I was you.

      By the way, since the beginning of time, there has always been groups of men who brag to each other about the women they've slept with. Known by different names throughout history, these players / jocks / chauvinists / tosspots always have and always will act like this.

      Had you led with "yet another example of the lack of privacy generated my the FaceBook culture" or similar, I would have agreed with you, but frankly your knee-jerk reaction of sexual objectification of women is starting to grate on the nerves. This is not an example of rampant objectification of women, its about wankers sharing their shitty attitudes with world + dog. There is no more objectification of women in this instance than there ever used to be.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Under the Telecommunications Act you can be prosecuted"

    for what exactly? Men discussing how good women are in bed (or vice versa) has been happening since time immemorial. I mean sure, these facebook pages are kind of sleazy, but surely not illegal?

  6. Anonymous IV
    Thumb Up

    Acting Sergeant Angela Warcon said:

    "...people just don't understand that once it's out there in public it's no longer private."

    With insights like this, she should be made the Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service. She has got to be brighter than the average police Bruce.

  7. Peter Murphy

    This Queenslander is disgusted.

    Australia is generally a good place to live, but there's sometimes an undercurrent of misogyny that needs to be watched out for. I have no problem with people having an active sex life - male or female. But I find it despicable when people just just rooting as many women as possible just to boast to their mates at the footie club. Because it's not just looking at women as real people, but as notches in their belt.

    Acting Sergeant Angela Warcon: I would love all the participants to get a severe warning from yours truly. But not if they're over 18. Book 'em instead. Women need to know when they're dating a wrong 'un - especially if the bastards are going to pass on their "conquests"'s Facebook photo to other dickheads.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Damn is already registered, bang goes my chance of several million $$$

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Just checked the results

    4.3 out of 10 from 152 votes?

    That is bullsh*t, is what that is.

    This should have different scores for when you are drunk, when you are caught by their boyfriend and when you really don't like the girl! And maybe a difficulty factor uplift like in diving? I know there are some of those 152 voters which are like the sex version of a backward two and a half somersaults with two and half twists in the piked position - really really hard to get excited over!

  10. Anonymous Coward


    well, i'm sure some of them are

  11. Figgus


    Women compare notes too, this isn't a male dominated pastime at its core. Granted, the ladies usually don't compare those things so publicly, but perhaps they should. I bet they could really trash the "skills" of the partners who trashed them.

    After all, a guy has to be good in a multifaceted way to satisfy his partner, a woman pretty much just needs to show up.

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