back to article Australian banks start replacing RSA tokens

The ongoing fallout in Australia from the RSA security hack continues, with both Westpac and ANZ Bank announcing they will replace customers’ tokens. Another of Australia’s “big four”, the Commonwealth Bank, is yet to decide its course of action, while there’s been no word yet from the National Australia Bank. Westpac has not …


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But of course there is multilayered security

Layer 1: whatever login security the bank has used

Layer 2: denying a problem exists

Layer 3: the ability to blame whoever they bought their systems off

Layer 4: the ability to offload risk and/or costs to the bank customer

How many more layers do you need? I'm sure they feel pretty safe under that lot.


Multi-layered security

So the banks are finally all with the programme - hooray!

"Multi-layered security" is not regarbled RSA speak, it's good practice. Anyone that cares to read a few technical manuals about VPN and remote access will know that this means tokens, certificates, firewalls, IPS, access control lists etc., so no need to make this out to be a mystery when it isn't...

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