back to article May's terror review reveals state of unknowns

Home Secretary Theresa May has revealed the results of Lord Carlile's review of Prevent, the anti-terror program. The £46m program includes action to improve internet filtering at government departments and libraries. It also revealed the creation of a Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit of police officers which …


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  1. There's a bee in my bot net

    Still with the healthcare workers as terrorist spotters?

    My heart sinks when I see something that refers to the 'home secretary' as I know it is likely to contain measures that restrict or affect my personal freedoms in the real world or online. But this whole 'doctors as terrorist spotters' is just funny.

    Now it reads as extending to 'healthcare worker'(s). I seriously doubt my wife (who is a nurse) will be prying into her patients personal life unless it is pertinent to their treatment or care unless they are clutching what appears to be a bomb.

    It reminds me of the time a patient under the supervision of a policeman was in her care. The policeman asked her to make sure the patient didn't abscond. She told him that if her patient wanted to leave she would hold the door open and call him sir and that if he wanted to make sure that said patient didn't abscond that he should do his job himself.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Social responsibility?

      Perhaps it was more than her jobsworth to co-operate with the cops?

      1. Graham Marsden

        @Social responsibility?

        So what do you suggest that she does? Handcuff the patient to the bed? Stand by his bedside whilst the copper goes and has a cup of tea, ready to rugby tackle him to the ground? Spend all her time doing the Policeman's job instead of looking after her patients?

        Nurses are *Nurses* they are not police nor are they jailers and should not be asked, let alone expected to do those people's jobs and to denigrate them in the way you have is just contemptible.

        1. Wize

          @Social responsibility?

          The program 24 Hours in A&E had an example of a policeman trying to leave a known dangerous person in the hands of hospital staff. Hospitals are there to treat ill/injured people. They are not designed to restrain people. They have some security staff but thats to handle the odd person kicking off. Not some known danger to the public. They are full of sharp objects (including bins of contaminated material). Should someone like that be left in the hands of a nurse?

          It is a known get out of jail free card for criminals to claim to have taken an overdose. One mention of having taken a handfull of paracetamol (even if they have been in a cell for the last 5 hours with no access to anything) and they are taken to A&E and left. They then refuse treatment and walk out free.

      2. There's a bee in my bot net

        RE Social responsibility: More than her life is worth?

        The chap in question was considered violent and had been involved in a stabbing (and it wasn't one sided) hence the police escort. She isn't big enough to have tackled the chap, nor do NHS nurses wear stab vests and that doesn't take into account staffing levels and her responsibilities to her other patients.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Excellent examples

      Its good to see that some people working in healthcare are prepared to stand up to the madness of successive governments trying to create a nation in the style of Eastern Germany circa 1980.

      Sadly, while we have a government that presses for these laws, guidances and policies the decent people will end up being in a minority.

      There are more people who are scared enough, nosy enough and officious enough to enforce these crazy ideas than there are who just want to get on with their lives.

      The funniest part of it is that as more and more spurious reporting gets passed to the police / intelligence services, they will spend more of their time following dead-end leads and we will either have to spend SIGNIFICANTLY more on policing and faux-security or life becomes easier for the evil terrorists.

      Its a fail but its our fail. We are the lunatics who have elected successive governments obsessed with pandering to what ever minority fringe reads the craploids like the Daily Heil. We should all be ashamed. Our only defence is there is no alternative party. Vote Labour and you get the same madness as if you vote Tory. Vote libdems and you get someone who will agree with anything the others say as long as he can be on the TV.

      Stop the planet - I want to get off.

  2. ClareCares
    Thumb Up

    At last

    This is at least a slightly positive step by this government towards the Internet. I was disappointed that they did seem anywhere as positive as the last government in trying to get rid of some of the more disgraceful areas of the Internet, but maybe there is hope after all.

    These terrorists are appalling people, they treat there women like serfs and worse. In the 21st century I find this quite horrible.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      in their country they are doing nothing wrong, from their viewpoint.

      I'm rather more interested in the "mission creep" that will, inevitably, be along next week/month/year.

      After all, someone denying agw could also be loosely described as a terrorist.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      The Irish terrorists?

      1. ClareCares
        Thumb Down


        Just because it is the 'norm' in their country, the treatment of women in Afghanistan by the Taliban was unacceptable behavior.

        Is your view of the world so selfish and parochial that you can't see this?

        1. Anonymous Coward


          What does the Taliban have to do with this? I thought we were talking about terrorists here in the UK?

          Oh, sorry, I forgot you are just doing the concern-troll thing.


    3. Anonymous Coward


      I think you find that women in west Belfast and Londonderry are treated pretty much the same as women everywhere else in the country.

      I know Catholics have had some problems in the past regarding women's rights but they are pretty much over most of that now.

      By they way, you used the wrong icon. I have used the correct one here.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    worker means practically everyone involved in the health industry now.

    Docs and nurses are usually referred to as Primary Healthcare Workers/Professionals.

    My last "physical" was by a "healthcare worker" who turned-out to be an occupational health clone...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    So, they'll start with censoring terrorist websites.

    And then we all know what'll happen after that. Generic websites getting censored left, right and center.


      The Bailey Review

      You need to read the Bailey Review (esp recommendation #5).

      Then write to your MP and beg them to oppose it.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Oh yeah ?

    "The report says UK authorities are "engaged with the US Government in this area on a basis of mutual understanding and valuing of each others' legislation."

    Am I the only one who thinks this will go:

    UK->US "How high ?"

    US->UK "Fuck you"

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