back to article Hybrid vigour boosts Cloud formation

Cloud computing was always going to be about hybrid models, as we have already discussed (Cloud says No). This was brought up some three years ago by our colleagues at Freeform Dynamics. The idea behind hybrid models is to take advantage of the benefits of both on-premise applications and cloud solutions by making them work …


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Can't stop your business with a slow or no internet connection

We agree with your hybrid argument. At Bizantra we're using the hybrid online/offline cloud model for a complete small & startup business software suite that includes document sharing and crm amongst other essential functions such as finance & employee record keeping. Everything will run offline, and when online constantly synchronises with centralised cloud servers so users can work anywhere. Web access is there when needed but the local app runs a lot faster.

We didn't want a system where you can't work if you're disconnected. That's ok for photos and music but not for business critical functions.


Want to join cloud group on LinkedIn?

Hi Brad,

I'm the community manager for Microsoft UK's cloud group on LinkedIn and I wondered if you'd be interested in joining? I think members would be really interested to hear about your experiences of setting up and using a hybrid model.

You can see the latest discussions at


Caroline White.

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